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We’re a multifaceted media agency partnering with startups and established brands, serving diverse sectors. Our mission is to empower clients for a lasting impact through compelling content and strategic media placement. Our refined suite of services adapts to each client’s unique needs, embodying our commitment to excellence.

In-house Brands: Flaunt.media stands out in content creation, seamlessly collaborating with media agencies, content creators, and influencers within the Heels Agency umbrella, alongside our sister brand, ed-it, our creative agency. This dynamic synergy enables us to holistically oversee your media, advertising, and marketing campaigns. Our dedicated teams specialise in creating standout content tailored for specific platforms, ensuring a streamlined process that optimises your time and resources.

Content Creation: We strategically create diverse content—ads, posts, articles, and more—to captivate your audience. Meticulous planning and execution ensure informative, engaging, and standout material. Our content creation is central to building brand awareness, educating your audience, and promoting products in line with your brand identity. Our skilled team collaborates seamlessly to consistently deliver compelling content across platforms.

Media Management: We excel in strategically planning, organising, and overseeing the end-to-end process of content creation and distribution across a variety of media channels. This includes content planning, creation, distribution, and budgeting, with the goal of maximising visibility, engaging the target audience, and maintaining a positive brand image. It encompasses both traditional and digital media platforms.

Don't try to fit in - your brand was born to stand out!

Graphic Design: With our expertise in innovative visuals, typography, and imagery, we consistently communicate your story. Our mission is to design standout content that engages and informs your audience across diverse media, from print to digital. We specialise in creating distinctive designs with vibrant colours, sleek layouts, and compelling text and imagery, all tailored to enhance your brand perception.

Print Design: As print designers, we create visually appealing materials for physical printing, like business cards, brochures, and posters. Our focus is on effective communication through well-designed layouts, considering technical aspects such as resolution and colour mode for quality printing. This plays a crucial role in marketing and branding by delivering tangible, eye-catching materials.

Digital Design: Creating engaging and functional e-commerce and business websites across platforms like Shopify, WordPress, GoDaddy, and more, we prioritise building a standout online presence for your brand. From dynamic sites to impactful social media visuals, we keep your brand ahead with the latest technologies.

Brand Identity: Incorporating both visual and conceptual elements, brand identity defines and distinguishes a brand, including the logo, colour palette, typography, imagery style, slogans, and brand voice. A strong brand identity is vital, promoting recognition, trust, and maintaining consistency in consumer perception. We ensure that your brand identity resonates loudly and distinctly.

Website Design: We specialise in creating visually appealing and functional websites by blending creativity and technology. From layout and colours to typography and interactive elements, we ensure an exceptional user experience aligned with your website’s goals. Our websites are responsive, user-friendly, and harmonise with your brand identity.

Startup + Scale-upWe’re your dedicated partner from idea inception to brand growth. Leveraging our digital and print services via our creative agency, ed-it, alongside media expertise at flaunt.media and the backing of our flagship brand, Heels Agency, we deliver comprehensive assistance. Our aim is to empower founders, businesses, and visionaries, ensuring sustained brand success across diverse mediums and platforms.

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Your brand is destined to leave an unforgettable mark. We ensure your message is loud, clear, and impactful, cutting through the noise.

creative design

We design to amplify your message across all digital and print media platforms, ensuring it's heard loud + clear.

brand identity

We create unique brand personalities ensuring your brand stands out + connects with your target audience.

media management

We are a full-service media, advertising, and marketing agency creating + overseeing content for all media channels.

Flaunt Media Creative Media Services Sydney Gold Coast Heels Agency Demi Karan ed-it.co


digital media
Flaunt Media Creative Media Services Sydney Gold Coast Heels Agency Demi Karan ed-it.co


creative design
Flaunt Media Creative Media Services Sydney Gold Coast Heels Agency


print media
Flaunt Media Creative Media Services Sydney Gold Coast Heels Agency Demi Karan ed-it.co


content creation
Flaunt Media Creative Media Services Sydney Gold Coast Heels Agency Demi Karan ed-it.co


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